The Peace Bag Project


Many people see peace as an elusive goal that can never be achieved. Peace is both an aspiration and a process that we should all share, regardless of background, context, or culture. Education about peace is more needed than ever, especially at present, when our world is becoming more and more complex and harder to understand. This common vision for peace should be complemented with capacities, skills and opportunities needed to pursue it.

Young people are crucial actors in the peace process as the main stakeholders of future societies. Nowadays, youth movements and institutions around the world face the ever-growing complexity and diversity of youth work. Where different youth initiatives exist, there is a need to consolidate and synchronize the segmented nature of youth action in addressing different intercultural (socio-cultural) issues in the EuroMed region.

The important role of peace and intercultural education are seen as essential preconditions for youth mobility, development of international activities and for increased youth participation. It is important to understand that the Culture of Peace is holistic, and that it can be built through relationships, understanding and dialogue. Strengthening the peace and intercultural dimensions of youth initiatives is one way to establish a long term platform of cooperation among the dynamic network of young people engaged in taking the peace building idea further on and implementing it in diverse global as well as local settings.

Peace Bag Toolkit

The aim of the long term programme "Peace Bag for EuroMed Youth" is to create a toolkit. This publication will include things you need to know about peace in your fingertips together with working tools, methods, good practices, samples of activities, training tips, basic information, do it yourself guide, experiences in the field, stories, references, experts, links - and all that in 12 languages!

The milestones - 2010/2011

  • Phase I (February-March 2010)
    Training Course and Write-shop - Peace and Intercultural Understanding in Youth Work
    - To understand the holistic meaning of peace and conflict in relation to youth work.
    - To appreciate the diversity shared by the EuroMed region through participants' experiences.
    - To build youth capacities and skills in peace-building and intercultural dialogue.
    - To write the draft of the Peace Bag toolkit based on participants' shared concepts, ideas, experience.

    Here's the final report about Phase I.

  • Phase II (March - July 2010)
    Theory and Practice - Peace and Intercultural Dialogue in Action
    - To incorporate the draft toolkit within the partner organization's existing programs and activities.
    - To test the draft toolkit's viability in actual youth work within the partners local context.
    - To improve the toolkit's contents by evaluating its impact when put into practical use.

  • Phase III (July 2010)
    Looking back and beyond - Evaluation and Networking Seminar
    - To consolidate and evaluate phases I and II.

  • Final work on the publication July (2010-May 2011)

  • Launch of the Peace Bag Toolkit and Interactive Publication (tentatively November 2011)