Online Toolkit

Part 4 - Key Concepts, Models, and Tools

Ideas for Action

With a solid foundation of information, tools and methods, as well as inspiration and motivation, it is time to take action! Depending on your own preference and your organisation, there are different opportunities. You could implement a project related to peace and intercultural dialogue, or you could speak up in your community to draw attention to these issues.

Partnership for Peace

Creating peace is not a task for one person only, and for a variety of reasons, working in a partnership can be beneficial. Working in an intercultural partnership is in itself a learning experience, and it will lead to a stronger and more diverse team. However, working in a partnership also means that more attention to these issues has to be made. [106]

Peace Advocacy

In addition to implementing projects on intercultural dialogue and peace, it is important to engage in advocacy and campaigning to create awareness of these issues. [107] Peace advocacy not only promotes the recognition and visibility of young peace-builders, it can also result in policy change that fosters a culture of peace.