Online Toolkit

Part 5 - Modules

The Conflict Triangle

MAIN THEMESConflict analysis.
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES- To analyse how these three components influence each other; how a given context can lead to certain attitudes which, in turn, can modify people's behaviour, affecting the context back.
- To identify each party's perception of the conflict trough their perceptions of these three elements.
- To find out the needs and fears of each party.
- To identify a starting point for an intervention in the situation by finding the points of convergence and divergence among the parties.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITIES OR SERVICESDraw a different triangle for each of the main parties involved in the conflict.
On each triangle, write down each party's issues related to attitudes, behaviours and context. Put yourself in their place to do so!
Compare the triangles and try to determine their differences and similarities. What are the differences and similarities between parties' perceptions/misperceptions?
Add to each triangle what you think could be each party's main fears and needs, according to the lists made before.

Now compare the triangles again and try to find out if there is a starting point for transforming the situation and where would it be.

Gather the participants to discuss about the activity with the following questions:
- What did you learn from this activity?
- Did you understand the conflict better using this tool? How?
MATERIALSBlackboard, paper, colour pens.