Online Toolkit

Part 5 - Modules

The Onion / The Donut

MAIN THEMESConflict analysis.
DURATION40 mins (depending on the length of the discussion)
AIMS AND OBJECTIVESTo be aware of the difference between conflicting parties' positions and interests.
To get a better understanding of each party's positions, interests and needs (including our own).
To find those interests which are more likely to be overlapping, compatible and shared by all the groups, and set them apart from the contradicting or competing ones.
To establish the basis for further discussions from the interests identified as common.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITIES OR SERVICESList all relevant actors who can, significantly influence the conflict, or are most vulnerable to it. (The list of actors should differentiate between the local, regional, and national levels, and should also take into account other groups, which are allied with the parties or which are able to influence them).
Divide participants into groups and ask each group to choose a position.
Now, ask each group to draw their own Onion model and fill it in with their own positions, interests and needs (from their perceptions).
Ask each group to show their model and share their outcomes with the others. With the help of a facilitator, try to identify any element that might be in common between different groups, as well as any element that might be negotiable.

Gather the participants to discuss about the activity with the following questions:
- What did you learn from this activity?
- Did you understand the conflict better using this tool? How?
HUMAN RESOURCES NECESSARYGroup activity + 1 facilitator.
MATERIALSPaper, coloured pens.

In the activity below find a partner and choose a position. Fill in the table with your interests and needs. Use the example below and to fill in a conflict from your daily life, from your community and then on a global scale.

See if you can find a solution that will address the needs of Person A and Person B.

Example - Daily life: An open window in the library:
Person AWindow to be closedTo avoid a draftFresh air
Person BWindow to be openedTo get fresh airNot to get sick