Online Toolkit

Part 5 - Modules

The Human Photo of Peace and Violence

MAIN THEMESPeace, Conflict.
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES- To Introduce the concepts of peace and violence by using the perspectives of the participants.
- To Discuss about the different ideas related to peace and the reason behind these associations.
- To Promote an understanding that peace is something that can be translated to the day to day way of living, as it can be seen through the results of the activity.
- To Level off on the understanding of peace.
- To Promote awareness of the multiple perspectives on peace and violence.
Divide the participants into groups of 5 to 8 people [minimum 2 groups].

-Each group will be given 5 minutes to meet and decide on a human photo about a specific subject that will be given to them.
-A human photo is a depiction of the said topic using the human body [showing actions, gestures, etc].
- No speaking. No sounds.
-The human photo should stay put [freeze] for 3 minutes, during which the other participants will observe the human photo and give their inputs about what they see in the photo. [see below for facilitation guide questions].

The subject for the first group should be PEACE and the second group, VIOLENCE. If there are more than 2 groups, the subjects can be repeated, OR, another subject [for example, CONFLICT] can be added.
Gather the groups after 5 minutes of planning. Let the acting group stay in the middle while the rest seated on chair [or the floor] to observe.
At the count of 3, ask the group to do their human photo [and FREEZE].
Facilitate a discussion among the observers.

- What do you see? [write down their answers on the board or flipchart.
- What can you associate with the human photo?
- What attitudes, values, and behaviours can you see?

Thank the first group and move to the next group.

Ask participants to get out of their earlier roles and ask them what they learned from the activity and about themselves.
-How did you feel while doing the activity?
-Was it difficult to depict the topic you were given into a picture? Why?
-To the "photo members," how did it feel that you were not able to explain your own photo while the observers were giving their input.
-Did you discover something about yourself in the activity that you did not know before?
Minimum 2 groups of 5 participants.
Whiteboard/flipchart and markers.
OBJECTIVES REALIZEDParticipants may realize the euro-centric perspective through which they interpret other cultures and also learn how to intently observe and follow other cultural ways of thinking in order to communicate successfully.
MORE INFORMATIONThis activity is adapted from the game PAINT ME A PICTURE. We encourage creativity in this exercise.