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Part 5 - Modules

The Role of Youth in Peacebuilding - Debate

MAIN THEMESPeacebuilding, youth.
DURATION1 h 30 mins (depending on length of discussion)
AIMS AND OBJECTIVESTo challenge participants to think about the challenges that face youth, NGOs and governments involved in peacebuilding.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITIES OR SERVICESConduct a debate using the following four statements:
- NGOs are more effective peacebuilders than governments.
- Long-term funding is the determining factor of the success of youth peace initiatives.
- Many young people think that violence is "cool" and peace is "boring."
- The biggest obstacle facing youth in peacebuilding is not being taken seriously by "figures of authority."

For every statement there is a pro and con group consisting of three people each (this number can be varied according to group size. Each group has three minutes to formulate an initial argument. Each group then has two minutes to present their argument (beginning with the pro side). Following each initial presentation, both groups will have a minute to formulate a rebuttal. Again beginning with the pro side, each group with have two minutes to present their rebuttal. During the debate, audience members may walk back and forth between the two groups, standing behind the team they agree with. At the end of each debate, the number of audience members standing behind each team equals the number of points received by that team.
HUMAN RESOURCES NECESSARYTimekeeper: Keeps track of the time.
Referee (one or two): Referees should be adults (e.g. supervisors, advisors, staff, etc.) and may add and/or withdraw points from teams as they see fit.
Facilitator: There should be at least one member of the team present to provide insight into each statement after it has been debated. This will give participants the opportunity to learn about the work that your organisation does and that challenges that we face.
MATERIALSThis activity does not involve any concrete materials. The timekeeper will need a watch and it might be useful to give participants paper so that they can take notes during the debates.
OBJECTIVES REALIZEDThe debate will challenge participants to think about the difficulties that prevent peacebuilding from occurring. In this way they will also hopefully begin to think about solutions to these problems.
METHODOLOGY USEDInteractive Group Discussion.