Online Toolkit

Part 5 - Modules

It is a challenge to adequately summarise complex ideas, concepts and skills about peacebuilding, conflict transformation and intercultural dialogue into one guide, readily understood by young people. Young people learn by doing – and what you have read in Parts 1 - 4 need to be put into practical activities so that young people find the meaning of these themes through their own experience.

This is why we have compiled a list of modules or activities that will help you transmit these ideas and concepts through participatory sessions that are designed to be creative, fun, and interesting. In this section, you will find a vast contribution of methods and tools from the project partnership, most of which were significantly improved and developed from their original versions. Some activities were implemented and evaluated during the Peace Bag training course itself, while others were implemented in local and international contexts. The activities submitted by our partners are either previously implemented by their organisations during training or taken from their experience themselves. It is safe to say that most of these activities have been implemented in the Euro- Mediterranean space, and within a Euromed context.

Some activities are also taken from different sources as indicated in the module itself. These activities have been carefully selected because of their relevance to the theme. Links to their original sources are also provided for further information.

This collection of activities aims to promote the main idea of this toolkit – to mainstream peace education and intercultural dialogue in youth work. It relates to the experience of young people in the Euro-Mediterranean context. We have edited it to reflect the realities, concerns and challenges of young people, themselves.

Understanding the main and basic ideas will give you the freedom to experiment and be creative. We encourage you to adapt these materials according to your own needs. We hope that this section will guide you and inspire you to further promote these values in the Euro-Med.