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What is the Peace Bag?

  • Peace Bag for EuroMed Youth: a long-term project of the Anna Lindh Foundation, coordinated by the Fundació Catalunya Voluntària, in partnership with 17 youth organisations from 14 countries: Algeria, Bulgaria, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Romania, Palestine, Poland, the Netherlands, Spain, Tunisia, and Turkey. The aim of the project is to mainstream peace education and intercultural dialogue in youth work.
  • The Peace Bag Toolkit: a toolkit compiled by the partnership that features working tools, methods, case studies, key concepts and information, and practical activities that youth workers can use and adapt according to their own needs. This training guide aims to help youths understand how peace and intercultural dialogue is related to the day-to-day work of young people.
  • The Peace Bag Partnership: 18 partners from 14 different countries.

The latest news

Partnership Meeting to discuss the 2014-2016 strategy
18-26 October 2014 / Barcelona, Spain

This PEACE BAG for EuroMed Youth PBA will bring together 14 youth organisations from the EU and MEDA who are interested in building a sustainable partnership in the field of peacebuilding, conflict transformation and intercultural dialogue through a long-term 2-year regional framework.

Expected outputs of the partnership meeting include:
  • a thorough evaluation document of the Peace Bag project and its partnership since 2009 until 2013, with conclusions and recommendations;
  • an updated needs assessment document – complete with updated context analysis and mapping of resources, initiatives and experience within the partnership;
  • a strategic partnership with a strategic cross-cultural cooperation plan in mainstreaming peace education and intercultural dialogue in the EuroMed region;
  • creation of a network of committed organisations who will carry out the 2-year framework, and support it through their own activities with clear partnership agreement and clear tasks and responsibilities for each partner organisation;
  • draft documents of activities (including future Youth in Action projects) for the next 2 years, such as:

    1) a draft plan of action for the network’s joint activities;

    2) a calendar of activities (including local activities) of the partnership until 2016;

    3) working teams and identified hosting and applying organisations;

    4) a network document identifying the type of partnership, working values of the network, and expectations and commitments of the members as real partners (and not just partners as “sending” organisations) – as well as its links to the already existing UNOY network;

    5) a “mainstreaming peace education in youth work” strategy for each partner country – that will be presented to policymakers and educational institutions, and used for advocacy at the EU and UN levels;

    6) a revised version of the Peace Bag tool kit and the online educational platform provided through the website to best match the needs of member organisations, as well as providing coordination between peace educators from the same country.